Neighborhood Revitilization Strategy Plan (NRS)

This NRS document will outline the history, boundaries and demographics of the area. It will also offer a description of the process of public participation as well as assessments that have been completed. The document will describe the economic needs of the community and action plans to address those needs along with performance measures. This document has been developed with the belief that Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies like it can:

  • Obtain commitments to neighborhood building.
  • Make neighborhoods attractive for investments, creating a market for profits.
  • Generate neighborhood participation to ensure that the benefits of economic activity are reinvested in the neighborhood for long-term community development.
  • Support the use of neighborhood intermediary institutions (e.g. community development corporations, community development financial institutions, community housing development organizations, and religious institutions) to bridge gaps between local government agencies, the business community, community groups, and residents.
  • Foster the growth of resident-based initiatives to identify and address their housing, economic and human services needs.

Source: U.S. HUD CDBG Regulations, Cross Reference 24 CFR Parts 91 and 570

Many community members have participated in the formation of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS). In order to create a more efficient process of communication with stakeholders, Waco Community Development has developed a website for you to access information on the NRS.

On this website you will find the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy in its various forms. The most recent form of it will be posted first. The NRS will go through several processes of approval including approval by the Wacos Housing and Community Development Office, adoption by the City Council and then approval by Housing and Urban Development in Fort Worth. The NRS can be amended as the community sees the need for changes to it. The status report section will show where the NRS is in the process of approval or if amendments have been added.

The Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy includes several Action Step and Performance Measure sections for sectors of the community such as housing, businesses and infrastructure. These documents reflect the work and approval of the stakeholders in that sector and show action steps that the groups have decided to take, along with one year and five year benchmarks for measuring progress toward the action steps. These action step plans may be accessed in a separate section for easier reference under the heading Action Step Plans.

As formal meetings are held to move the goals of the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy along, notes will be taken and posted on this site under Meeting Notes.

Finally, a Status Report section will show progress on the approval of the NRS as well as progress toward accomplishing the goals set by the community of stakeholders.

Thank you to all who have helped create the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy and to all who are coming alongside to make the vision of the community a living reality.

Due to the size of the file, we have divided up the NRS document into three separate files. The following links will allow you to download the entire NRS document.

Meeting Notes:

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes 032709.doc

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes July 09 2009.doc

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes September 10 2009.doc

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes October 20 2009.doc

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes November 10 2009.doc

Colcord Meeting of Businesses Notes December 15 2009.doc

Action Step Plans:


Business Action Steps and Benchmarks


Housing Action Steps and Benchmarks


Infrastructure Action Steps and Benchmarks

Status Report :
8/18/09--The City of Waco sent the NRS to HUD for a preview of the document. HUD returned the document to the City of Waco with suggestions for strengthening the document. The document is in its final revision before going to the City Council for approval.

05/10/10 - The City is getting it added to the Waco City Council Agenda.

06/03/10 - The NRS is on the agenda for July 6th

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